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United Way for Greater Austin’s Young Leaders Society (YLS) is a diverse network of young professionals under the age of 40 who are passionate about helping kids and families overcome economic barriers. Through unique networking events, meaningful volunteering and learning opportunities, members leverage their collective power to connect, serve and grow. Membership is open to donors giving $250 or more annually to United Way for Greater Austin. Each month, we’ll help you get to know YLS members through a spotlight! Stay tuned for member interviews each month.


July 2017 YLS Member Spotlight: Karli Isiyel

Karli is a longtime supporter of United Way for Greater Austin and has been a YLS member since 2015.

What does your job entail? As Creative Director at Kerbey Lane Cafe (KLC), I am fortunate enough to get to make pretty things all day! Food styling, photography, menu design, picking paint colors, etc.

Why do you choose to support UWATX? KLC has partnered with UWATX for about 5 years. We choose to support UWATX through an employee giving campaign and volunteer engagement because it’s great for our Corporate Responsibility goals. The access to such a variety of programs and people in this city is invaluable. We can choose what types of agencies to work with and UWATX is so flexible in response to our needs.

What do you enjoy about YLS and why should others join?  It was a natural transition to be a part of YLS. I fit the age range and was already contributing my money and time to UWATX, so I figured why not spend a little more time! I got to know people my age who have the same values. It’s great to network with people who you have something in common with and hopefully raise funds and recruit volunteers at the same time.

What are you most proud of? I’m proud that I’m living in a city I love and have a career that I truly enjoy. I love that UWATX and the people I work with every day at KLC are like my family – it warms my heart.

What do you love most about Austin? I have lived here my whole life and have lived in many, many different parts of the city – some great, and some not so great. However, I’ve always felt safe like we have a strong sense of community.


June 2017 YLS Member Spotlight: Jennifer Landa and Otilo Benavides IV
Both longtime supporters of United Way for Greater Austin, Jennifer and Otilo have been YLS members since 2012.

What does your job entail? 

 JL | As a Freelance Social Scientist, I help organizations, businesses, and academics get to know the people they work with, and how to improve those relationships. What this means day-to-day depends on the phase of the project. On any given day, I might be designing a survey or experiment, conducting interviews, or playing stats jockey. The goal is to look at what people think and do and then figure out why. Why is the key question in my work, and life.

OB | As a Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLP, the crux of my job entails coordinating with other talented individuals to help our clients leverage technology to further their business.  My areas of expertise include: ensuring Infrastructure readiness, configuring Configuration Managements tools, and orchestrating Releases.


Why do you choose to support UWATX?

 JL | The United Way mission to fight poverty has a special place in my heart because I grew up in a disadvantaged home that faced a great deal of adversity. I’ve been able to succeed, in large part due to the help of countless people who went out of the way to give me a chance at a better life. As grateful I am for those people, I feel I have to do something as well, and getting involved with United Way is my way of contributing to the community and helping to carry on the legacy of those who helped me.

OB | Deloitte’s United Way Workplace Campaign makes it easy to make donations and the campaign gives us exposure to all the programs that United Way supports. I feel the programs are very promising and want to support their endeavors. In addition, United Way serves as a hub to other nonprofits, so it’s a one-stop-shop for contributing to any worthy cause you have.


What do you enjoy about YLS and why should others join?

 JL | YLS is a great opportunity to meet talented, passionate, and caring people from all over Austin. Even if you don’t know anyone before coming here, joining means you already have at least one common interest and a way to start a conversation. It can be overwhelming to think of all the causes that need our help, but coming here and seeing the genuine interest that people have in doing what they can to make our community stronger makes it all seem more manageable. You should come even if you’re not sure you can make a commitment. Get to know the people involved and the work that’s being done around the community. Sometimes ideas come from the most unexpected places. You may think of something that can help United Way do something better, or you might walk away with an idea for how to improve yourself.

OB | YLS is a great way to gain exposure to like-minded individuals who are passionate about contributing to our community.   In addition, it’s a great way to network with members of our community and stay up to date on the latest issues and victories in the Greater Austin Area. I urge others to join because we are stronger together.


What are you most proud of?

JL | I’m most proud of my ability to see something special in places that others have overlooked. I have a passion for salvaging things that other people would have given up on and nurturing their unexpected beauty. One of my favorite hobbies, for example, is teaching others how to grow gardens from food scraps, seeds, and small cuttings- things others would have thrown away- and eventually making entire meals and preserves from that garden. Similarly, I’m most proud of the work I’ve done where one small deviation has revealed something interesting about a whole segment of the population.

OB | The act that I’m most proud of is convincing my wife to marry me. My college degrees, my achievements at work, and even living in Austin wouldn’t mean much without the love and support that my family and friends have afforded me.


What do you love most about Austin? 

JL | I’ve been part of Austin for a long time now, and though many things have changed, one thing has stayed very much the same- Austin’s love of living. You can see it during the exuberant festivals and holidays, with all the music and visitors and spectacle, but that spirit never really leaves. Austinites can be found enjoying the weather at parks year round, cookouts and drinks are never in short supply, and attempts to make next year better somehow are always afoot. This is a place where family can be found, and futures can be made.

OB | What I love most about Austin is how warm and friendly the people can be and the way they embrace their individuality. As a fairly neurotic person, I take solace in seeing Austinites relax and take life in stride as they go about their business.


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