Become a Nonprofit Partner


Working together to make an impact

At United Way for Greater Austin, we focus on community change and we do this through developing strategic programs, leading and convening stakeholders, developing deep expertise and fully engaging the community. We help and collaborate with local nonprofits agencies, providing them with financial, volunteer and advocacy support.

Each year, United Way for Greater Austin holds an RFP process for various grants called Community Investment Grants (CIG). These grants represent a strategic opportunity to identify critical partners to support our work and our mission.

The CIG process established a foundation for long-term change by bringing stakeholders to a common table and by leveraging services, expertise, perspective, dollars and outcomes. Recipients of CIGs are viewed not solely as grantees but as strategic partners and collaborators in the change process.

If you have questions about United Way for Greater Austin CIG partnerships or if you would like to become a nonprofit partner, contact us here.