Meeting Spaces

As a welcoming space for community organizations, United Way for Greater Austin provides organizations a place to host meetings, seminars, retreats and trainings. Any organization or group using our rooms is asked to make an in-kind donation or monetary contribution to United Way for Greater Austin. These donations must be received no later than the date of the intended meeting. The Community Rooms are available from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday-Friday. Meetings may take place outside this time frame but would require a United Way for Greater Austin staff member to be present (e.g. participating) during the entirety of the meeting. Priority is first given to United Way staff-led meetings, followed by meetings by nonprofits that are aligned with our mission. Meeting space will not be granted for private individual use, organizations with a political agenda, organizations hosting a fundraiser for themselves, or organizations hosting a fundraiser for another non-profit that does not already partner with United Way.


Using United Way Meeting Spaces

We request that organizations using our Community Rooms

support our programs in one of the following ways:

1. Make a monetary donation

2. Donate Wish List items


Meeting Space Reservations

  • Please fill out our meeting space application here.
    • Guests must clean the room(s) after use by following the Meeting Space Checkout Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the reserving party to bring these Guidelines on the meeting date.
    • Download and print off our Meeting Space Checkout Guidelines and bring it with you to United Way for Greater Austin
    • Please plan ahead as the Community Rooms are reserved often, frequently 2-3 months or more in advance.
  • Guests can bring catered food, though food arrangements including paper products are the responsibility of the guest organization.
    • Groups are not allowed to permanently post anything on the walls of the room, and any temporary materials that are posted must be removed no later than the check-out time of the group. No offensive or discriminatory material is allowed to be posted at any time.
    • At least one week’s notice is required for all reservation requests.
    • United Way for Greater Austin is not responsible for the injury or harm that might befall an individual on our premises while they are attending a meeting hosted by an outside organization. By submitting a meeting space application, the meeting organizer, and the organization or group they represent assumes responsibility for themselves and any individual attending their meeting at United Way for Greater Austin during the time of the room reservation.

Small Meeting Spaces Available

  • Two Small Conference Rooms that seat 6-8 people around an oval table
  • Each room comes with a phone, computer, and projector
  • The projection must be from United Way computer equipment, so please bring a thumb drive with any necessary files that are not web-based.

Deep Eddy 1

Deep Eddy

Shoal Creek 1

Shoal Creek

Medium-Large Meeting Spaces Available

  • Two Medium Conference Rooms that each seat 20-30 people with tables (depending on configuration), or 30-35 people without tables.
  • Medium conference rooms can be combined into one large room that can seat 40-50 people with tables (depending on configuration) or 60-70 people without
  • Additional chairs may need to be rented or provided by the organization if the number of attendees exceeds what is available on site
  • Each room comes with a conference phone, computer, projector, and Wi-Fi access
  • The projection must be from United Way computer equipment, so please bring a thumb drive with any necessary files that are not web-based

Combined Large Room

Barton Springs

Barton Springs

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake

Parking Guidelines
  • We cannot guarantee parking for any number of people in our parking lot.
  • Street parking on surround streets (Poquito, Alamo, and 20th) is free and has no time limit. We recommend that all meeting organizers encourage their attendees to use street parking, carpool, or use ride-share.

For questions about reservations or availability, please contact our office at 512-472-6267 or fill out the reservation application form above.


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