Strategic Advisors


Strategic Advisors

Other than the UWATX Board of Directors, we are fortunate enough to have a large team of dedicated professionals who volunteer their time to United Way for Greater Austin in pursuit of our mission.

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President’s Cabinet

Beth Fahey

Carolyn Ferguson, Retired, IBM

Peggy Hart, Retired, IBM

Meg Moore, Austin Strategic Planning

Rob Nester, Retired Sales Executive, IBM

Bill O’Brien, Consultant and Chief Operating Officer, MagRabbit

Sheila Plank, Retired, President and CEO, SBPlank Associates

David Sandal, Founder and CEO, Give As You Get

Jim Sutherlin, Augmentix

Paula Vaughn, Retired Executive, Prudential

Mark R. Williams, Independent Sales/Marketing Consultant

Audit Committee

Bill Volk, Partner, Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P. (Committee Chair)

Marie Baker, Consultant

Bill O’Brien, Retired, IBM

Don Schwent, Group Controller, Enterprise Holdings

Michelle Strain, PMB Helin Donovan

Board Governance Committee

Bill O’Brien, Retired, IBM (Committee Chair)

Jon Armstrong, Business Consultant

Marie Baker, Retired, CSC

Juan Gonzalez, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Administration, College of Education., University of Texas at Austin

Catherine Morse, Samsung

Information Technology Committee

Marie Baker, Retired, CSC (Committee Chair)

Tom Bishop, CTO, Conformity

Roger Meador, President, Cedar Valley Concepts

Paula Vaughn, Retired Executive, Prudential

Finance Committee

Marie Baker, Retired, CSC

Kathleen Farlow, Deloitte

Dave Holody, VP of Audit, Freescale

Bill O’Brien, Retired, IBM

Peter Palazzari, Retired

David Sandal, Founder and CEO, Give as you Get

Don Schwent, Enterprise

Pam Spann, Microelectronics Product Development, IBM

Michelle Strain, PBM

Jim Sutherlin, Consultant

Resource Development Committee

Mason Ayer, CEO, Kerbey Lane Cafe

Susan Dorsey, Texas State Land commission

Kathleen Farlow, Central Texas Managing Partner, Deloitte, (Campaign Co-Chair, Ad Hoc Member)

Dan Graham, Founder and CEO,

Tommy Hodinh, Founder and CEO, MagRabbit

Bobby Jenkins, President/Owner, ABC Home & Commercial Services

David Knight, Intel

Heather Ladage, Publisher, Austin Business Journal

Diana and Gregg Lowe, Freescale, (Campaign Co-Chairs, Ad Hoc Members)

Catherine Q. Morse, General Counsel/Director of Public Affairs, Samsung

Rob Nester, Retired IBM/Bazaarvoice

Rina Patel, Wells Fargo

Jeff Thomas, Senior Vice President, General Manager,  H-E-B Central Texas Region

Howard Zaroff, Vice President, General Manager, Enterprise Holdings

Strategic Programs Committee

Jon Armstrong, Business Consultant

Don Baylor, CPPP

Heather Brunner, WP Engine

Philip Huang, City of Austin

Aletha Huston, The University of Texas at Austin

Marketing Committee 

Becky Arreaga, Mercury Mambo

Laura Hernandez, AT&T

Gerardo Interiano, Google

Henri Mazza, Alamo Drafthouse

Brad McCormick, 10 Louder Strategies

Rodney Northern, Sanders Wingo

Kristy Ozmun, Kristy Ozmun PR

Colin Rowan, Rowan Communications

Jerry Sun, Build-A-Sign

Peg Hart, Retired, IBM

Charlie Mariott, Bazaarvoice

Bill Saulnier, IBM

Hands On Central Texas Leadership Council

Jack Blair, Foundation Communities

Brian Block, City of Austin Pard,

Jennifer Braham, Communities in Schools

Kristi Fontenot, AMD

Rachel Halls, Freescale

Tamara Jones, H-E-B

Alissa Magrum, Colin’s Hope

Luke Martinez, Bank of America

Shobie Partos, Creative Action

Cheryl Sawyer, University of Texas at Austin

Success By 6 Leadership Council

Betsy Abell, Buena Vista Foundation

Carmel Borders, Tapestry Foundation

Jennifer Sanderson Foster, Dell

Yvette Freemyer, National Instruments

Dan Graham, Build-A-Sign

Michelle Hamilton, Texas State University

Lauren Hammons, In Reach

Aletha Huston, University of Texas at Austin

Matt McDonnell, VP Operations, Famigo

Rhonda Paver, Stepping Stone Schools

Brenda Strama, Bangle, Beatty, Strama

Beth Tracy, IBM

Denise Trauth, Texas State University

Target Graduation Leadership Council

Dawn Flores, Unit Director, H-E-B

Saro Mohammed, Partner, The Learning Accelerator

Kathleen Pfannenstiel, Project Manager, Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risks: Mathematics Institute

Mary Riggs, Director of Programs, The Andy Roddick Foundation

Raphael Travis, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Anne Walker, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, Bank of America

Financial Opportunity Leadership Council

Don Baylor, Statewide Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Public Policy Priorities (Chair of Council)

Tamara Atkinson, Deputy Director, Workforce Solutions

Tom Blair, CEO, Imagecraft Exhibits

Betty Davis, Vice President, Community Development, Frost Bank

Larry Hersh, HR Director, Flextronics

Hank Perret, CEO, Capital Area Food Bank

Gayle Reaume, Moolah U

Margaret Shaw, City of Austin Economic Development

Anne Walker, SVP, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Bank of America

Woody Widrow, Executive Director, RAISE Texas

Michelle Zadrozny, Director, Programs and Innovation, H.A.N.D.

New Business Leadership Council

Rob Nester, Retired Sales Executive, IBM (Chair of Council)

Steve Ambrose, Commercial Sales Manager, ABC Home and Commercial

Kevin Bury, Affiniscape

Joe Cisper, Vice-President, JE Dunn

Christin Dawson, Advisory Board, Dedicated Advisor Performance Technologies

Carolyn Ferguson, Retired, IBM

Don Kendrick, Wells Fargo

Gerald Ladner, Region President, State Auto

Howard Zaroff, Vice President / General Manager, Enterprise

Community Board

Rick Akin, PUC

Carolyn Beck, TABC

Kathy Bolner, Wells Fargo

Russell Bridges, 3M

Mary Carlson, 3M

Marie Crane, Retired, MCRANE Associates

Bill Cryer, Retired, Samsung

Ashton Cumberbatch, Seaton Healthcare Network

Sandy Dochen, IBM

Kyle Eckermann, Dell

Manny Flores, Latin Works Marketing

Kari French, Texas Gas Service

Clarke Heidrick, Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody

Larry Hersch, Flextronics

Julie Huls, Austin Technology Council

Karen Johnson, United Ways of Texas

Joe Knight, Baker Botts

Ray Laugenberg, Scott, Douglass, McConnico

Reuben Leslie, HHSC

George Martin, St Edward’s University

Earl Maxwell, St David’s Community Health Foundation

Ed McHorse, Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody

Dick Moeller, ENOVATE Enterprises

Leslie Pchola, Hilton

Bane Phillippi, Haynes + Boone

Paul Saldana, Adelante Solutions, Inc.

Ed Sharpe, University of Texas

Anne Smalling, HM International

Martha Smiley, Enoch Kever

Tom Snead, Emerson

Jeff Thomas, H-E-B

Laura Tyson, Baker Botts

John P. Weaver, ADP

Mark Williams, AISD Board of Trustees

Pete Winstead, Winstead, PC

Women’s Leadership Council Executive Committee

Jennifer Foster, Dell (Committee Chair)

Lauren Hammonds, Inreach (Committee Co-Chair)

Kathy Bolner, Retired

Judy Donigan, 3M

Mollie Duckworth, Baker Botts

Robyn Eckermann, St. David’s Healthcare

Yvonne Hawthorne, Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Laura Howell, HomeAway, Inc.

Mindy Minto, Dell

Lisa Perry, Dell

Yianna Polk, Farm Credit Bank of Texas

Jennifer Poppe, Vinson and Elkins

Malini Rajput, Citibank

Anu Reddy, VMWare

Kasey Schuttler, Freescale

Andrea Stover, Graves, Dougherty, Hearon and Moody

Young Leaders Society Founding Committee

Celso Baez, Capital Metro

Jeremiah Bentley, Texas Mutual

AJ Bloomquist, JE Dunn

Rich Cleary, 3M

Meghan Coleman, The University of Texas at Austin

Brendan Day, Baker Botts

Marcus Everitt, Enterprise

Julie Fisher, Samsung

Mark Gibson, Chase

Luke Martinez, Bank of America

Kathleen Pfannenstiel, The University of Texas at Austin

Christina Sattler, PwC

Juan Wah, Capital Metro

Michael Zamora, Wells Fargo