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WHERE WE                             ARE NOW
10K+ employees giving an average of $44K per day
25K volunteers giving the equivalent of 18 years of day-and-night volunteering each year
500 women investing $1.2M in Austin's future
14 young professionals founding the new Young Leaders Society
12,000 lives touched, including parents, children & teachers
1,400 low-income students on the path to graduating
1,000+ families with a more stable financial future
354K callers connected to assistance
Austin has a population of 860K people and 110 people move to Austin every day
There are nearly 200 music venues in Austin
The technology sector supports 26% of all jobs in Austin
Fastest growing city in the U.S., #1 city to live & make films and a top city for jobs, pets & vegetarians
Austin is home to enough festivals to warrant a Top 5 Austin Music Festivals list on Yahoo
1 in 4 children live in poverty in Austin - that's 71% more than a decade ago
Half of Austin residents are struggling to make ends meet
More than 50K students attend UT each year

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