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We know that all parents, regardless of socioeconomic status, need help along the way. The Program will create a collaborative referral network amongst nonprofits and connect families to the best resources, including resources they would not have otherwise known about.

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Who it’s for…

The program is for parents and caregivers of children under six who want to discover resources in their community. From child care to early education, food and more the program will allow parents and caregivers to easily access any and all resources available.


How It Works…

Families can access the tool by calling 2-1-1 and speaking to an Early Childhood Specialist, or by using the website to search themselves.

Why it is important…

The program offers closed-loop referrals through data tracking to help the network better understand gaps in service and continuity of care.  Through collaboration, this tool will streamline the referral process and help families navigate the ever-changing social services system.