Breaking the cycle of economic inequality

To create a vibrant, thriving community for all

United Way for Greater Austin focuses on increasing the availability of high-quality early care and education and access to pivotal resources to dismantle economic barriers in Central Texas. Our united front includes dedicated donors, volunteers, corporate and civic partners, staff, and an engaged community. Together, we leverage data, coalitions, services, and advocacy to transform Central Texas, responding to urgent needs with lasting, impactful solutions.

High-quality early care and education

In the battle against economic inequality lies a profound commitment to high-quality early care and education.

At United Way for Greater Austin, we know that nurturing our youngest is the key to unlocking a future of equality and prosperity while providing their parents flexibility and mobility. Our wrap-around support to those providing care in children’s critical early years is more than an investment; it’s a promise to foster a Central Texas where every family can thrive.


Our Austin/Travis County Success By 6 Coalition data dashboard has reported early care and education outcomes for more than 10 years.


Our Austin/Travis County and Williamson County Success By 6 Coalitions and Greater Austin Reading Coalition are committed to high-quality early care and education, igniting collective impact with community members and nonprofit partners.


Our Pre-K Partnerships program provides resources to help improve and sustain high-quality services for children. Support includes professional development for providers and recruitment and co-enrollment of children, at both the center and ISD, to facilitate a smooth transition to Kindergarten on an Austin ISD or Round Rock ISD campus.


Our advocacy culminated in a meaningful win for local child care centers with the passing of a 100% property tax abatement for qualifying child care providers. The rallying efforts led by our coalition leaders were a big reason Austin became the first jurisdiction to implement the abatement, reducing financial burdens for the early care and education sector.

Equitable access to pivotal resources

Easy access to essential resources is a lifeline for families grappling with economic inequality that has impacts today and for years to come.

Connection to timely and accurate services and information is more than just assistance; it’s a tangible expression of our community’s solidarity. We’re not just meeting basic needs – we’re restoring dignity and weaving a wide and important network of support. Equitable access means we’re building a stronger, more vibrant Central Texas where no one is left behind.


Our Family Support Network dashboard identifies which zip codes have the highest number of children eligible for pivotal resources based on poverty levels. This dashboard allows agencies to make strategic decisions about where to concentrate their resource support and outreach.


Our 2-Gen, Community Health Connect, and Model Community coalitions create social service ecosystems that address economic barriers by providing access to wrap-around services that help everyone in our community be healthy and thrive.


Our Navigation Center provides access to more than 30,000 life-changing resources. Offered in hundreds of languages, our 2-1-1 helpline connects local families and individuals to support for housing, utilities, food, income support, health care, child care, education, employment, transportation, counseling, disaster information, and much more.


We meet regularly with city and elected officials to ensure they know about our Navigation Center and data dashboard, so they can both share information with their constituents and learn their community’s needs to inform planning, resource allocation, and policy in their jurisdictions.

Rooting in our goals at Pease

United Way is reimagining the former Pease Elementary campus as a physical manifestation of our two goals: High-quality early care and education and access to pivotal resources. The campus, in addition to serving as United Way’s future Austin office, will be reinvigorated as a center of excellence that offers:

Dynamic, high-quality learning for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years, in partnership with Goodwill Central Texas.

A Navigation Center that provides access to essential resources, supported by United Way team members working on the campus.

We envision an innovative, community-centered space that welcomes children and families from diverse backgrounds and offers programming that inspires a sense of belonging. We are also committed to honoring the legacy of Pease, and will be preserving the beautiful hand-painted tiles created by its former students.

The campus will be a destination not only for classroom learning but a center of excellence where community members, early childhood education professionals, and civic leaders can gather, experience community in a classroom, and co-create a shared vision for children and families in Greater Austin. 

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