Forging coalitions for a stronger Central Texas

Inspired by our community’s leadership and energy, United Way for Greater Austin creates and nurtures lasting coalitions, igniting collective impact with community members and nonprofit partners. Coalitions align and streamline the efforts of many organizations working in the same sector by establishing shared goals and measurements to track progress, amplifying the impact beyond what any one organization can do alone. These alliances are the heartbeat of our mission and we act as catalysts for these coalitions, providing the active soil for growth, alignment, and impact to confront economic challenges with unity and strength.

Meet our coalitions

Success By 6 Coalition

All children enter Kindergarten healthy, happy, and ready to succeed in school and life

Why this focus? Because 90% of all brain development happens in the first five years, or 2,000 days, of life. Yet 36% of children from families with low income in our community are not ready to learn and succeed when they enter Kindergarten.

We focus on two geographic areas, Austin/Travis County and Williamson County, to carry out the work of Success By 6

Austin/Travis County

Key Info

  • Formed in 2012
  • 753 child and family advocates
  • 124 companies

Key Partners

  • Austin Public Health
  • Child Inc.
  • Travis County Research and Planning
  • Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Williamson County

Key Info

  • Formed in 2021
  • 66 agency, client, and community members
  • 35 partners

Key Partners

  • The Georgetown Project
  • Lone Star Circle of Care
  • Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties
  • Several of the 12 Independent School Districts in Williamson County

Impact to date:

999 %
increase in the number of children from families with low income who began Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed

Affordable Childcare NOW!

Goal: Expand access to affordable, high-quality child care for Travis County families

Why this focus? The Travis County Commissioners Court is strongly considering a November ballot initiative for sustainable funding to support affordable, high-quality child care, called CARES. This would benefit local businesses, workforce, children, and families.

Building on our nearly two decades of experience strengthening the local early childhood education sector, United Way recently formed the Affordable Childcare NOW! coalition to advance this initiative along with interested organizations, families, and individuals.

Key Info

  • Formed in 2024

2-Gen Coalition

Goal: To create an ecosystem of programs and services that serve parents and children simultaneously, leading to better financial outcomes for both generations

Why this focus? Three in 10 local families with children live in households with low income. Research shows that a $3,000 difference in a parent’s income when their child is young leads to a 17% increase in that child’s future earnings.

Key Info

  • Formed in 2018
  • 274 agency, client, and community members
  • 67 partners

Key Partners

  • Austin Urban Technology Movement
  • Capital IDEA
  • Dream Come True Foundation
  • Todos Juntos Learning Center

Impact to date:

999 %
of clients increased their income over the last year

Greater Austin Reading Coalition

Goal: To ensure children are reading on or above grade level by the fourth grade – a pivotal point in a child’s reading development

Why this focus? Children who are not reading at grade level can fall behind and are four times less likely to graduate high school than their peers. And just three in 10 children from families with low income pass their third grade reading STAAR test.

Key Info

  • Formed in 2021
  • 84 agency, client, and community members
  • 40 partners

Key Partners

  • Book Days
  • BookSpring
  • Read the Room
  • Welcome Table

Impact to date:

999 +
books in the hands of young readers

Model Community

Goal: To collectively understand root causes and pilot systems, technology, and policy innovations to transform our systems of care to address racial and health disparities to meet the essential needs of our community

Why this focus? Medical care is estimated to account for only 10-20% of the factors impacting health outcomes. The other 80-90% include factors like access to education, housing, employment, and food.

Key Info

  • Formed in 2022
  • 88 partners

Key Partners

  • Connxus
  • Hungry Hill Foundation
  • People’s Community Clinic
  • Sustainable Food Center

Impact to date:

Launched Engagement Grants for BIPOC-led organizations

Community Health Connect

Goal: To provide equitable access to opportunities for all residents in Williamson County to improve their health and well-being

Why this focus? 50% of the socioeconomic factors that make up your health, such as education, job status, and income, can be traced back to your zip code.

Key Info

  • Formed in 2022
  • 30 partners

Key Partners

  • Ascension Seton
  • Georgetown Health Foundation
  • Lone Star Circle of Care
  • Williamson County and Cities Health District

Impact to date:

$ 999
Received in funding awards to support client programs, fund local partnerships, and provide Community Health Workers

All of our coalitions work to break the relentless cycle of economic disparity that grips our community.

They amplify the impact beyond what any one organization can do alone. United Way serves as the backbone of these coalitions, harnessing the power of a collective community for lasting change.