Dr. Sarojani Mohammed

Founder and Principal
Ed Research Works

As a research mobilizer, Dr. Sarojani Mohammed fights the injustice of knowledge-hoarding by making deep, meaningful connections between research and practice to foster the best learning experiences for each learner. She is Founder and Principal of Ed Research Works; a founding board member and Executive Director of Capacity Catalyst; and a co-founder of the Teaching and Learning Research Community.

As a quantitative evaluator and researcher, Saro has spent over 15 years’ conducting and advising on studies and external evaluations of (mostly education) programs implemented in public, private, and nonprofit settings to ensure that research improves learning experiences. Previously, she was Managing Partner, Research and Measurement at The Learning Accelerator, and before that, the inaugural assistant director of two research units at UT-Austin. Since 2008, she has worked directly with over 20 school districts through research and program evaluations, and one-on-one with more than 10 states to address capacity building and provide technical assistance.

Saro serves as a reviewer for and advisor to changemakers in the sector, including the Education Innovation and Research federal grants, United Way for Greater Austin, and SXSW EDU. She holds a doctorate in educational psychology from The University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelor of Science degree in brain and cognitive sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Saro spends most of her time with her husband and son in Austin, TX, where they spend way too much time fishing. The rest of the time, they’re in Trinidad or Tobago enjoying Carnival and tropical beaches.