Myndi Garrett

CEO and Co-founder of EngageAI

Myndi Garrett has a passion for the United Way. She became involved in the Young Leaders Society in 2002 when she worked for Microsoft and was invited to attend a YSL meeting after Microsoft’s Giving Campaign. After a short time as a member, she became part of the YLS leadership team. As her career grew, and her philanthropic giving grew, she was asked to work with Patsy Woods Martin and a few other women to launch the Women’s Giving Network, and after that, became one of the youngest people in the Tocqueville Society.

Myndi works in technology and has held senior roles at Microsoft and VMware. She began her career as a system’s engineer but in the mid-2000’s moved into strategy, sales and leadership roles. Her career path has required her to travel frequently so she has not been involved in the community for several years. Recently, she decided to find a role that would allow her to work in Austin full-time and contribute her volunteer time to non-profit leadership roles. She’s very excited to be involved with the United Way again and looks forward to serving on the Board.