A 5-Year Journey

The first five years of every person’s life are foundational. Studies show that a child’s experiences during those early years literally build the architecture of their brain. So we want to make the most of every child’s first five years of life from birth to Kindergarten. This Success By 6 (SX6) Strategic Plan is a community-wide roadmap that ensures all children in Williamson County enter Kindergarten happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed in school and beyond.

Goals & Framework

The long-term goal of SX6 is to ensure that children are ready to enter Kindergarten happy, healthy, and ready to succeed in school and beyond.  What happens in these early years has a lasting impact from Kindergarten readiness to third-grade reading scores to high school graduation and beyond.

To achieve this goal for all Williamson County children, our coalition uses a four-pillar framework that outlines our current objectives related to each foundational pillar for children and their families, as well as for the program itself and associated public policy.

About the Coalition

The Williamson County Success By 6 Coalition was formed in early 2022. Over a six-month period, a collaborative group of Williamson County early childhood stakeholders defined a common set of hopes, goals, and strategies to transform the lives of young children and families. The group came together in four planning meetings between January and June 2022.

Stakeholders defined unique hopes and dreams for young children that support the current Success By 6 (SX6) vision: to ensure that young children are happy, healthy, and ready to succeed in school and in life.

Coalition Members

These organizations share a mutual commitment to supporting the optimal development of children in Williamson County through strategic collaboration on the 2022 Wilco Success By 6 Coalition Strategic Plan.

Any Baby Can
Bluebonnet Trails
Foundation Communities
Georgetown Family Resource Center
Georgetown Independent School District
Georgetown Public Library
Leander Independent School District
Lone Star Circle of Care
NAMI Central Texas
Opportunities for Williamson and Burnet Counties
Planned Living Assistance Network of Central Texas, Inc.
Round Rock Independent School District
Round Rock Public Library
SAFE Austin
Samaritan Center
Taylor Independent School District
The Georgetown Project
The Playful Child
Williamson County and Cities Health District
Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area

Your Influence on the Journey

Each individual and every organization here in Williamson County has the power to help shape the future – both for SX6’s work and for our youngest children. All you have to do is care, engage, and act.

Together, we can do so much to build up our community, its future success, and every one of the future Texans born daily.

Begin today.

If you are a philanthropist

Consider opportunities to seed innovation; build capacity to research, pilot and scale programs; improve systems to enhance coordination; and connect our Coalition to resources to make this happen. With your help we can reach more disadvantaged children in those foundational first 5 years.

If you’re a parent or a concerned member of the public

Play every day. Research confirms that children learn better when adults talk, sing, and read with them daily. Support early learning through positive, engaging, fun interactions with the children in your life. Get parenting tools and techniques appropriate to your child’s age by signing up for Bright by Text – just text SMARTATX to 274448 to begin receiving parenting tips and local resources in English or Spanish.

If you’re a service provider

Join the Wilco Success By 6 Coalition. Collaborate, innovate, and empower family voice. Aim for access, equity and quality. Together we can make meaningful, systemic, and sustainable impact for our children, our families, and our community we serve. To join, please email amy.mizcles@uwatx.org.

If you’re a business leader

High-quality early learning can transform the economic trajectory of our region. Investing in early education is an investment in the workforce of today AND the workforce of tomorrow. Join Early Matters Greater Austin - invest in early learning, influence public policy, create family friendly workplaces, and advance innovation. To join EMGA or learn more, please visit www.earlymattersgreateraustin.org.

If you’re a policymaker

Prioritize policies that address the needs of families and young children. Recognize that policies and funding for early childhood have the highest return on investment for communities than any other. Strong early childhood systems and infrastructure create better education, health, social and economic outcomes that increase revenue and reduce the need for costly social spending on services and supports later. Human capital is a critical part of our community’s infrastructure and that foundation is laid in the first 5 years of a child's life.

Leadership Team

Austin Chapter TXAEYC

Austin Community College

Austin Community Foundation

Austin Independent School District  (AISD)

Austin Public Health

Child Inc.

Children's Optimal Health

City of Austin Early Childhood Council

Community Action Network

Del Valle ISD

E3 Alliance

Go Austin/Vamos Austin (GAVA)

Austin PBS

Literacy First

Manor ISD

Pflugerville ISD

St. David’s Foundation

Travis County Health and Human Services

United Way for Greater Austin

Workforce Solutions - Capital Area

Workforce Solutions - Rural Capital Area

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