Laura Olson, Early Childhood & School Health Equity Director with Go Austin Vamos Austin (GAVA)

Mr. Rogers, beloved PBS show host and early childhood champion, once said, “The most important people in a child’s life are that child’s parents and teachers. That means parents and teachers are the most important people in the world.” 

I hope we can all agree with that and recognize that parents and child care providers, our children’s first teachers, are in deep distress… these most important people. Who took care of you when you were little when your parents could not? What was the impact? I guarantee, it was important to who you grew up to be. 

Underpaid child care providers have been there throughout, but they can’t hold on much longer. They have seen enrollment and staffing drop while adapting to ever-changing health and safety measures. This year many are taking school age children into their fold as trusted and capable guides as parents face uncertainty with schools. They do so much! 

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