Measuring Impact

Telling The Story Of Our Community & Driving Impact With Data

We need a clear picture of the families in our community and the issues they face each day; we need to know what is working and what is having real, tangible impact on our community.

When we share what we know with the community, we are providing our partners with powerful tools. In our role as a community leader, we gather, analyze and report out critical data about the community in which we live – telling the story of our community and its needs.

Examples of our work include:

Community Trends & Needs Report

The 2-1-1 Navigation Center Community Needs and Trends report is a compilation of caller data and feedback. The report illustrates the real demands for health and human services in our region.

SB6 Center Project Dashboards

The SB6 Center Project Dashboards synthesizes all assessment information, and provide an aggregate picture of the entire classroom and center. They are shared with all Early Language Coaches, center teachers, and directors, allowing them to inform instruction and practice.

Good Measure

Good Measure, a Mission Capital-led group founded by the Andy Roddick Foundation, Applied Materials Foundation, Central Texas Summer STEM Funder Collaborative, Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, St. David’s Foundation and UWATX. This collaborative focuses on providing nonprofits with the training, resources and tools they need to collect and analyze data in order to better understand their impact.

Success By 6 Coalition Strategic Plan

Success By 6 Coalition Strategic Plan, a coalition-created, award-winning ambitious three-year plan to increase the percentage of children who enter kindergarten school ready in Travis County.

SB6 Early Care and Education Survey

SB6 Early Care and Education Survey, a bi-annual look at trends across the early care field in our community and the only one of its kind in Central Texas.

Research Partnerships

University of Texas research partnerships resulting in 2-Gen needs assessments and Pre-Kindergarten impact measurements.