Poverty grips our community

Everyone wants to live in Central Texas. But we’re facing a cost of living crisis.

Many of us are working hard, but still struggling to make ends meet.

Economic inequality casts a long, formidable shadow, and its impact keeps us all from having the vibrant and thriving community we want for ourselves and our children. United Way for Greater Austin stands at the forefront of this critical issue. We recognize the pressing need to break the relentless cycle of economic disparity that grips our community, understanding that every moment we wait, the divide widens and more lives are forever impacted.

1 in 5
households in the Austin area is considered low-income.
That's more than 500,000 households in Central Texas, or the number of ACL festival attendees.
1 in 4
local children under 6 live in households with low income.
That's more than 41,000 children, or double the capacity of Q2 Stadium.
1 in 3
local families worry about their ability to meet their basic needs, including food.
The Central Texas Food Bank indicated it will take an increase of 6.2 million meals annually to meet the need for local families. That's enough to fill Pease Park.
1 in 11
local adults report poor physical health.
50% of the socioeconomic factors that make up your health, such as education, job status, and income, can be traced back to your zip code.
3 in 5
children from families with low income in our community are not school-ready when they enter Kindergarten.
Just 38% of children from households with low income begin Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.

At United Way, we’re creating a vibrant and economically secure space for everyone.

Why We Build Opportunity For All

Because when one of us suffers, we all suffer. And when everyone reaches their full potential, our entire community benefits and thrives.

United Way focuses on initiatives that are designed to jump-start and maintain sustainable solutions for families with low income, and drives systemic change by aligning public and private support. We believe in investing in solutions that provide people with the skills and resources they need to take an active role in their own success.