Poverty in Greater Austin

The Harsh Reality of Poverty in Our Community

Austin often tops the lists of best communities to live. A great place to raise a family, a healthy local economy, a city poised for future job growth – these are just some of the honors given to our metro area. And we agree… we love it too!

But not everyone in our community is sharing in this promise. Yet.

Many of us are working hard, but still struggling to make ends meet. One in 10 households in the Austin area is considered low-income, and race and zip code are some of the biggest predictors of a person’s life outcomes. United Way for Greater Austin spurs systems-level change, shaping our metro area into a Central Texas where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

1 in 5
households in the Austin area is considered low-income.

2 in 7
children under six in Travis County live in households with low income.

4 in 5
single-parent families with low income are working hard, either full or part time, and are still unable to meet their basic needs.

3 in 5
of children from families with low income in our community are not school-ready when they enter Kindergarten.

1 in 8
adults in Travis County report poor physical health.

Why We Build Opportunity For All

Because when one of us suffers, we all suffer. And when everyone reaches their full potential, our entire community benefits and thrives.

United Way focuses on initiatives that are designed to jump-start and maintain sustainable solutions for families with low income, and drives systemic change by aligning public and private support. We believe in investing in solutions that provide people with the skills and resources they need to take an active role in their own success.