Our Work

The Fight Against Poverty

In our fight to end poverty in Austin, United Way serves as a thought leader and convener of stakeholders focused on solving systemic unmet needs in the community.

United Way focuses on initiatives that are designed to jump-start and maintain sustainable solutions for low- to moderate- income families and drive collective change by aligning public and private support. We believe in investing in programs and initiatives that provide families with the skills and resources they need to take an active role in their own success.

2-1-1 Navigation Center

A Community Tool

United Way for Greater Austin Navigation Center consists of two primary services: 2-1-1 Information and Referral support and our Healthcare Navigation Program. We provide streamlined access to community resources for people in need through our call center and online community resource database.

Success by 6

Early Childhood Education

United Way for Greater Austin is the leader and backbone organization of the Success By 6 initiative, bringing together a coalition of school, city, and county officials, nonprofits and parents to improve the network of support systems for children. Together we’re ensuring our youngest community members start our life on an even playing field.

Family Pathways

Supporting Low-Income Families

As the cost of living rises in Austin, families living in low-income face limited economic mobility. United Way’s 2-Gen approach supports families by intentionally providing services to parents and children simultaneously, providing families with opportunities to further their education, build social capital, maintain their physical and mental health and increase their economic well-being and overall stability.

Community Investment Grants

Funding Critical Community Partners

United Way fights poverty in our community, and we know we are not in this fight alone. UWATX partners with critical community partners to identify proven strategies toward a common goal and then we back these efforts with Community Investment Grants (CIGs) to amplify our collective impact.

Measuring Impact

Using data to drive our work

When we share what we know with the community, we are providing our partners with powerful tools in raising awareness, serving their clients and constituents, and creating collective impact. In our role as a community leader, we gather, analyze, and report out critical data about the community in which we live – telling the story of our community and its needs.