Our Work

A united front against economic inequality: Building a prosperous Central Texas, together

Economic inequality casts a long, formidable shadow, and its impact keeps us all from having the vibrant and thriving community we want for ourselves and our children. United Way for Greater Austin stands at the forefront of this critical issue. We recognize the pressing need to break the relentless cycle of economic disparity that grips our community, understanding that every moment we wait, the divide widens and more lives are forever impacted.

This urgency fuels our commitment to building lasting opportunities for everyone in our community. Focusing on high-quality early care and education and ensuring easy access to pivotal resources, we are dismantling the near and long-term economic barriers to real progress for Central Texans.

Who We Are

We are a community of dedicated and generous donors and volunteers, engaged corporate partners, visionary civic leaders, courageous friends with lived experience, and a steadfast staff united to leverage data, coalitions, services and support, and advocacy to transform Central Texas and create lasting change in the face of urgent need.

Our Mission

We bring our community together to break economic barriers and build opportunity for all.

Our Vision

A Central Texas where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Where We Work

We’re building a stronger, more vibrant Central Texas where no one is left behind.

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