How do you break the cycle of poverty?

Start by being United.

Breaking the cycle of poverty is a mission we know well.

We take a strategic and evidence-based view of how we lead in the community, invest in nonprofit partners, and run our proven programs. Together with people like you, we break a generations-long cycle of poverty with impact today and tomorrow.

Your donation will help us build opportunities that meet education, health, and financial stability needs across the counties we serve, unlocking the potential of our community, and most importantly providing relief for thousands of our neighbors.

Our region’s current reality…

1 in 5
households is considered low-income.

4 in 5
single-parent families with low income are working hard, either full or part time, and are still unable to meet their basic needs.

3 in 5
children don’t get the early education they need to succeed.

We are working towards a Greater Austin where…

All children enter Kindergarten happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed.

Families with children are financially stable.

All children are reading on grade level by the 3rd grade.

People are connected to resources for food, housing, transportation, and more.

And we need your help to do this.

Meet Adriana

Adriana, a student and mother, who had her life turned upside down. Then found hope with United Way’s Parenting Students Project.

Your gift can help someone in our community, like Adriana, break the cycle of poverty.

See how your gift will make an impact

Together with generous neighbors like you, we have been able to accomplish big things in our community. From getting 38,000 books into the hands of young readers to answering 254,387 requests for help through our Navigation Center, we couldn’t do this work without your support.

Your gift will stay local and make a real and lasting impact for people right here in our community.