More than numbers: Using our data strategy to inform decisions and effect change

United Way for Greater Austin advances our mission — bringing our community together to break economic barriers and build opportunity for all — using four strategies. One of those is data. United Way envisions a Central Texas where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. And 2024 marks an important milestone for us: 100 years serving the community! As we reflect on a century of change and a legacy of impact, our new strategic plan – adopted by United Way for Greater Austin’s Board in September 2023 – harnesses the power of a collaborative community for lasting change for our next 100 years. Our new strategic plan reflects the urgency of addressing economic disparity. We focus on increasing the availability of high-quality early care and education and equitable access to pivotal resources to dismantle economic barriers in Central Texas. Our united front includes dedicated staff, donors, civic and private partners, and an engaged community. Together, we leverage our strategies of data, coalitions, services and support, and advocacy to transform Central Texas, responding to urgent needs with impactful solutions.  Our data strategy enables United Way to tell its story of impact and amplify that impact across the micro, mezzo, and macro levels of the community. We provide insights to inform decision-making together with civic and elected leaders, nonprofit and public service providers, and our community at large. Why is this important? Because our data is more than just a repository of information. We are the caretakers of research-based insights, with our fingers […]

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