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About 2-Gen

United Way’s 2-Gen approach supports families living in low-income households by intentionally providing services to parents and children simultaneously. The 2-Gen approach provides families with opportunities to further their education, build social capital, maintain their physical and mental health, and increase economic well-being and overall stability.

UWATX and community partners are working collaboratively to implement a 2-Gen approach to programs and services in Austin. In 2015, community leaders created a 2-Gen Vision for Austin, outlining their shared goal of coordinated services for parents and children. In this vision, policies, programs and their resources are aligned, to help parents improve basic educational skills and become economically stable. Meeting the needs of both generations will produce larger and more enduring effects than can be achieved by services parents and children separately.

Austin/Travis County
2-Gen Strategic Planning Process

With funding provided by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, United Way and community partners are currently developing the 2-Gen Strategic Plan for Austin and Travis County. The goal of the plan is to create an ecosystem of programs and services designed to meet the needs of whole families, making it easier for them to access social and economic opportunity. This five-year plan will serve as a roadmap to operationalize the 2-Gen Vision for Austin by articulating clear goals, performance measures, strategies, and year-by-year action steps to develop a stronger ecosystem of support for whole families. The goals are captured in four categories addressing intergenerational poverty:

  • Educational Success,
  • Health and Wellbeing,
  • Social Capital, and
  • Economic Stability.

The plan is expected to be complete in January 2019.

Strategic Plan Stakeholder Groups
  • 2-Gen Advisory Council: System-level leaders and decision-makers focused on orienting the policy and programmatic vision of the plan.
  • 2-Gen Stakeholder Network: Community service providers and other stakeholders from housing, transportation, and health focused on developing the content of the strategic plan.

Community Investment

To learn more about organizations doing 2-Gen work in Austin, as well as to see a list of our 2-Gen grantees, visit out Community Investment page.

Policy Research Project (2017)

United Way partnered with students from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin to identify community needs, program assets, labor market trends and program evaluation strategies within the 2-Gen framework. The research team recommended the creation of new partnerships among agencies to provide comprehensive services using a 2-Gen approach.

Policy Research Website

The team of LBJ Students created a website with mapping tools to identify community needs and program assets by zip code within the 2-Gen framework. Click here to check it out.

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