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From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk

A recent article in the NY Times reinforces much of the educational information provided by United Way’s Success By 6 and Born Learning initiatives. Lowe’s recently sponsored and installed the first Born Learning Trail in Central Texas–and there will be many more to come! Not only does the trail beautify Bartholomew Park, it offers parents many opportunities to engage their young children in communication to help them develop properly. From the NY Times article: Communication begins as soon as a baby is born. The way you touch, hold, look at and talk to babies help them learn your language, and the different ways babies cry help you learn their language — “I’m wet,” “I’m hungry,” “I’m tired,” “I hurt,” “I’m overwhelmed” and so forth. “Talk to your baby whenever you have the chance,” the American Medical Association advises parents. “Even though he doesn’t understand what you’re saying, your calm, reassuring voice is what he needs to feel safe. Always respond to your newborn’s cries — he cannot be spoiled with too much attention.” The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association urges parents to reinforce communication efforts by looking at the baby and imitating vocalizations, laughter and facial expressions. Stay tuned for more information about Born Learning activities and trails that will be appearing in Central Texas!

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Lowe’s sponsors the first Born Learning Trail in Central Texas!

Thank you Lowe’s for sponsoring and installing the first Born Learning Trail in Central Texas during Lowe’s annual Heroes volunteer program on August 28 & 29, 2009. Because of your work you have added a “value add” to one of the larger neighborhoods in Austin, Texas, Windsor Park. Offering families a wonderful place to get active, and elevate awareness of early childhood education. A special thanks to the City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department and the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association for your cooperation and support. As part of our Day of Caring activities, the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association will hold a dedication ceremony to celebrate the Born Learning Trail at Bartholomew Park on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. The Born Learning Trail is located at Bartholomew Park and features ten signs and stations along a path with activities that encourage everyday, teachable moments with young children. Quote from Windsor Park Association Director: The Learning Trail is AWESOME! I went to the park to check it out today (Sat) and there was a man with his toddler daughter playing in the area (hopping) and they didn’t even live in the neighborhood. He was driving by and the colors caught his eye so he turned around and was playing with his little girl! Yeah! You guys ROCK! Want your corporate team to sponsor and construct a Born Learning Trail? Contact: diana.santos@unitedwayaustin.org Diana SantosCorporate and Volunteer Relations DirectorUnited Way Capital Area

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