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Flood Relief Funds to Be Distributed

It’s been two months since the devastating Memorial Day floods swept through Central Texas—including Hays, Blanco, Bastrop, Caldwell, Travis and Williamson counties—and the outpouring of help from local community members has been nothing short of incredible. According to an Austin American-Statesman article released last week, more than 400 homes were destroyed in Central Texas and 3,491 residents have registered for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) assistance. Many local efforts were organized immediately the Tuesday morning following the floods. Volunteer groups appeared ready with cleaning supplies, and individuals and companies were knocking at UWATX’s door with open checkbooks. In addition to the Disaster Recovery Fund we created, UWATX was the recipient of several benefits held around town to raise funds for flood victims, including ones held by Jonathan Adler Austin, ACL Live, the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Association and Indian Roller. To date, local community members and businesses have contributed an incredible $85,500 and counting to our flood relief and recovery efforts! This week, those funds will be distributed to 10 local organizations to support long-term recovery (LTR) efforts. By focusing on LTR, we will ensure these donated dollars help the people who need it most and that the funds are used most effectively. These local organizations include: 1. Austin Disaster Relief Network: Rebuilding efforts 2. Bastrop Long Term Recovery: Rebuilding efforts 3. Blanco Regional River Recovery Group: Case management for flood victims 4. Catholic Charities: Temporary housing for flood victims 5. Community Action (Hays County Head Start): Storage rentals […]

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