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Each And Every Person Counts: H-E-B Wraps Up 2017 Campaign

What are the fundamentals of fundraising? Just ask H-E-B! In the past five years, H-E-B has donated almost $6.5 million to the Central Texas area, and they just wrapped up their 2017 record-breaking United Way campaign at the end of October. From leadership giving to payroll pledges, all together H-E-B partners raised more than $1.37 million dollars for Central Texans this year. No matter the obstacle or odds, H-E-B’s support of our community never falters. And this year they faced a huge obstacle—Hurricane Harvey. When Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August, H-E-B suspended their United Way campaign to focus attention on providing critical disaster relief. United Way services often benefit families in communities that are disproportionately affected by natural disasters like Harvey. Founded with a focus on taking care of people, H-E-B recognizes the need for resources not only in time of disaster, but also day in and day out. Following their disaster response, H-E-B resumed their campaign with amazing energy. They even agreed to extend their campaign to make up for the lost time due to Harvey response. We are so grateful for their invaluable support. After their record-breaking 2017 campaign wrapped up, we spoke with Employee Campaign Leaders at several top performing H-E-B stores to see what they believe enabled their overall success. Through a combination of educating their partners on our mission as well as individual partner’s personal experiences with receiving United Way assistance, each store had their own story of what motivated a successful campaign.  Yami […]

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Success Story: Kevin Rogel

What do you think of when you hear the word “philanthropist?” This year’s theme for employee campaigns is to “put away your top hats and monocles” and that “anyone can be a philanthropist.” We believe that whether you give $5 a year or $500,000 a year, you are a philanthropist; it is your giving spirit and earnest attempt to better your community that grants you this fancy-sounding title. We could find no better example of this than Kevin Rogel, who graciously agreed to let us share his story. We met Kevin, 16, a few years ago when he was a student at Webb Middle School. He joined our Volunteer Project Leader group, which teaches middle school students to not only give back, but to design and lead their own volunteer projects. While on a tour of the middle school, H-E-B senior vice president Jeff Thomas heard Kevin speak about the program and was impressed with his confidence, philanthropic heart and always positive attitude. Thomas told Kevin later that day, “when you hit 16…look me up” for an open position awaiting him at H-E-B. Mere days after Kevin’s 16th birthday last April, Kevin filled out his application with the help of his mentor and UWATX Director of Volunteer Engagement, Nikki Kruger–and as Thomas promised, he was hired as a Customer Service Associate. Unfortunately, Kevin awoke a few days later in a hospital in San Antonio with more than 40% of his body covered in third-degree burns. While helping his mom cook, he slipped […]

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UWATX pacesetter campaigns kickoff with H-E-B

While the majority of United Way for Greater Austin’s Employee Campaigns run throughout the fall, a few companies set the pace and the tone for each year’s season. As always, H-E-B is one of the first out of the gate, enthusiastic and dedicated to making a difference. “H-E-B has always been committed to giving back,” said Jeff Thomas, Senior Vice President – General Manager for the Central Texas region of H-E-B. “We are one of the largest employers in the Greater Austin area, so we know we can have a great influence on the community that we live in and work in.” Nearly a month ago, more than 50 H-E-B In-Store Coordinators joined United Way staff to get excited about campaign and see what was in store for this year. Coordinators shared their experiences in past campaigns and gave each other tips on how to make the most out of the experience, for themselves, fellow employees and the community. “I think it’s the way that they make the impact of each employee’s gift clear that really sets H-E-B apart,” said Greg Bennett, the UWATX Development Officer that manages H-E-B’s campaign. “They emphasize how what seems like a small gift can make a big impact. For example, they’ll show a $2 soft drink and say ‘The price of a soda every week can provide two weeks of one-on-one mentoring for a middle school student.’” This year, H-E-B partners have taken their work to the next level by printing signage to post […]

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