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AT&T Gives Back

AT&T External Affairs employees came by the United Way for Greater Austin office to present their 2014 employee campaign corporate gift check for $70,000. AT&T invited several leaders from their Employee Resource Groups to attend the check presentation and learn more about our work in the Austin community. UWATX runs employee campaigns in more than 400 Austin-based businesses, and AT&T’s employee campaign ranks #5 in terms of how much they raise. City Council member Ora Houston stopped by to thank AT&T employees and UWATX for providing more opportunities to working poor families in Austin. Kevin Rogel, one of our former VPL students and now UWATX donor, thanked AT&T employees for their generosity and spoke about how he has benefitted from UWATX services and why he decided to become a donor after getting hired at his first job. After the check presentation and hearing from Kevin and Ora, the AT&T employees toured our Navigation Center and received an overview of the work done through 2-1-1 calls and Central Health. They learned about the biggest needs in our community, as seen from data from the more than 330,000 calls that are taken every year by our call specialists, and heard firsthand from the specialists about the importance of this call center. Randy Clawson, who leads the Veterans Employee Resource Group at AT&T, was especially inspired by Kevin’s story and the Navigation Center’s work. “I am looking forward to our 2015 campaign and continued partnership with United Way in hopes we can create […]

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Success Story: Kevin Rogel

What do you think of when you hear the word “philanthropist?” This year’s theme for employee campaigns is to “put away your top hats and monocles” and that “anyone can be a philanthropist.” We believe that whether you give $5 a year or $500,000 a year, you are a philanthropist; it is your giving spirit and earnest attempt to better your community that grants you this fancy-sounding title. We could find no better example of this than Kevin Rogel, who graciously agreed to let us share his story. We met Kevin, 16, a few years ago when he was a student at Webb Middle School. He joined our Volunteer Project Leader group, which teaches middle school students to not only give back, but to design and lead their own volunteer projects. While on a tour of the middle school, H-E-B senior vice president Jeff Thomas heard Kevin speak about the program and was impressed with his confidence, philanthropic heart and always positive attitude. Thomas told Kevin later that day, “when you hit 16…look me up” for an open position awaiting him at H-E-B. Mere days after Kevin’s 16th birthday last April, Kevin filled out his application with the help of his mentor and UWATX Director of Volunteer Engagement, Nikki Kruger–and as Thomas promised, he was hired as a Customer Service Associate. Unfortunately, Kevin awoke a few days later in a hospital in San Antonio with more than 40% of his body covered in third-degree burns. While helping his mom cook, he slipped […]

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