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Interview with Sarah Durham, President of Big Duck

Photo Credit: Tracy Young UWATX recently hosted a “Brandraising” workshop for other local nonprofits to learn more about how to best utilize digital marketing to raise brand awareness and increase donations. We brought in Sarah Durham, author of Brandraising: Raise Visibility & Money Using Smart Communications and president of Big Duck, a nonprofit marketing company based in Brooklyn, New York. She was named one of Fast Company’s most influential women in technology in 2010, among other fundraising industry awards.  We sat down with Sarah to learn more about her company and how nonprofits of any size can utilize the many communication tools available. Can you tell us a bit about your background? “My parents were right out of Mad Men: both in advertising in New York in the 1960s and 1970s. I grew up in ad agencies and marketing environments. These days, I live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband and my daughters, Abi and Kate, who are identical twins.” Why did you decide for your company to focus on the nonprofit sector? “I started Big Duck in 1994. At first, we worked with a range of businesses and nonprofits in many sectors. The work with nonprofits was the most inspiring and challenging, so in 2000 I made the decision to specialize in work with nonprofits.” What causes do you care most about in your personal life? “I lost both of my parents to brain tumors. Today, I serve on the board of the National Brain Tumor Society, the leading organization funding research and changing the system […]

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