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    Betsey Abell makes Austin greater

    04.16.2014 | 90th Annivesary, Makes Austin Greater

    Nine philanthropists that make Austin greater

    Posted by Jessica Bateman

    As part of our 90-day celebration of UWATX’s 90th anniversary, we’re working on 10 lists of 9 highlighting influential and impactful people in the Austin ... Read More >

    Spring Day of Caring 2014

    04.12.2014 | Hands On Central Texas

    Three months of volunteering in ONE day

    Posted by Aviva Pinchas

    Yesterday, more than 700 volunteers joined us for Spring Day of Caring - a citywide call for volunteers managed by our Hands On Central Texas program. In total, ... Read More >

    Happy VPL students

    04.08.2014 | Makes Austin Greater, Target Graduation, Young Leaders Society

    WOW - YLSers sure did make Austin greater the past two weeks!

    Posted by Shaina Novotny

    We just wrapped up the YLS Virtual Giveathon - and  I for one couldn't be more excited about the results:  These efforts directly support our Target Graduation ... Read More >


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    Austin Nonprofit & Community Volunteer Organization: United Way for Greater Austin
    United Way for Greater Austin is a local nonprofit & community service organization providing resources and volunteer opportunities with local Austin charities since 1924. United Way gives everyone in Austin the chance to be a philanthropist through various Austin social services, and gives us the opportunity to work together to help families overcome barriers to economic opportunities.

    As one of the largest and most successful Austin nonprofit organizations, United Way has access to extensive resources in the Austin community. Our resources, combined with the continuous help of our loyal volunteers and their dedication to the community, are what make United Way for Greater Austin the successful nonprofit organization that it is today.