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For most of our history, UWATX has focused on helping companies give their employees the opportunity to give. As we continue to grown our giving societies and other revenue streams, Employee Giving Campaigns remain at the core of our business and our passion.

At UWATX, our fundraising efforts are not just for ourselves, but also on behalf of the Greater Austin community. Of the dollars that are entrusted to us from individual donors, companies and government grants, we allocate funding across four key strategic programs supporting young children, helping middle school students, promoting safe financial habits and connecting individuals to services. On top of the allocation above, UWATX also allocates additional funding to support a coalition of nonprofit partners helping us meet our community impact goals.

Detailed Financial Documents

Audited financial statements – FY 2017
Audited financial statements – FY 2016
Audited financial statements – FY 2015
Audited financial statements – FY 2014
Audited financial statements – FY 2013
Audited financial statements – FY 2012
Audited financial statements – FY 2011

IRS Form 990 – 2017
IRS Form 990 – 2016
IRS Form 990 – 2015
IRS Form 990 – 2014
IRS Form 990 – 2013
IRS Form 990 – 2012
IRS Form 990 – 2011

Annual Report – 2015
Annual Report – 2014
Annual Report – 2013
Annual Report – 2012
Annual Report – 2011


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