5 ways to practice self-care during quarantine 

In these uncertain times, it can be difficult and daunting to weed through the congested news cycle – but I have good news! There are endless ways we can stay connected and calm while we shelter in place. Check out these 5 ways to practice self-care while Austin is under a shelter in place order. I hope they are a small reminder that we are all in this together, even if we’re six feet apart.

 1 – Give meditation a try

Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and promote emotional health. It benefits our mind to be in tune with what our body is feeling, and meditation is designed to do just that. I like to close my eyes and listen to a guided meditation as a way to start my day – even just five minutes of mediation can make a difference for your day. 

Pro tip: Check out these free resources from the Calm and Headspace apps.  

2 – Take a social media break

Sometimes boundaries look like taking a step back. Try creating guidelines for yourself about when and how much media you consume. I have been limiting my media intake by structuring my scrolling time to only a few times a day. By being more conscious about your media intake, you can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Pro tip: You don’t have to click on every link you receive about the Coronavirus in your group chat.

 3 – Try a virtual hangout with friends

Did you know you can FaceTime your group chat? I sure didn’t, but guess what – it’s so much fun. From virtual happy hours to book clubs and game nights, you can still socialize with the people you love without being in the same space as them. 

Pro tip: Try using free platforms like Google Hangouts, Skype and WeChat. There are so many platforms out there, let us know which one works best for you!

4 – Get moving

Just because we are under a shelter in place order does not mean we are confined to our homes. Go outside, get some fresh air, and take a walk. Being in nature is good for the mind and soul, plus moving your body releases mood-boosting endorphins. Just make sure you stay six feet away from anyone you encounter on your adventure. 

Pro tip: Many companies, including Black Swan Yoga and Planet Fitness, are offering free or reduced-priced workouts or yoga you can stream to keep your body moving while gyms and yoga studios are closed. 

5 – Enjoy a movie marathon

Who says you can’t have a movie night with friends? It’s time to get your “Quarantine and Chill” on. Thanks to Netflix Party you can watch your favorite movies with your friends while sheltering in place. 

Pro tip: All you need to get the party started is a Google Chrome browser and a Netflix account. 

It’s also important to remember the world isn’t all bad right now. For all the anxiety-producing news stories there is also so much good happening in response. From small businesses giving away free meals to those in need, to large companies like H-E-B pledging $3 million to Texas nonprofits on the frontlines, our community – locally and globally – is stepping up to take care of one another. 

Social distancing and sheltering in place will not stop us from loving our neighbors and continuing to create a thriving community for all, but we have to remember to take care of ourselves too. 

Do you have any self-care pro tips? We’d love to hear how you are practicing self-care during quarantine. 

If you try one of these five ideas, let us know how it worked and what you liked about it. 


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  1. Thank you for the resources listed to stay in contact with family/friends as well as the meditation apps. I will make sure to give those a try.

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