Campaign Co-Chair Q&A: Part 3

For United Way Capital Area’s annual Workplace Giving Campaigns, two dedicated volunteers help promote the importance of giving through the workplace by serving as Campaign Co-Chairs. This year’s Co-Chairs are Ben Bentzin, CEO of Interactive Health Technologies, Inc., and Jeff Thomas, Regional Vice President for H-E-B. They answered some questions about their role in the campaign in the last of this three-part series.

Jeff Thomas
Jeff Thomas

Why do you think it’s important for people to give through their workplace?

Jeff: First, it’s easy. If your workplace sets up a program that allows you to contribute a small amount each week over the course of a year, that small amount can mean a whole awful lot to an individual and collectively to the agencies United Way supports. Employers who set up processes and systems that make it easy for their employees to give, can make a big difference in that way.






Ben Bentzin
Ben Bentzin

How does workplace giving encourage philanthropy throughout Austin?

Ben: A workplace giving campaign does three things:
1. It gives companies a chance to raise their corporation’s profile in our community. It extends and enhances the value of their brand because they’re seen as a good citizen.

2. It gives companies an easy way to do some social good in our community and be sure that those dollars are going to be spent in a way that’s really helping people living in poverty.

3. It’s a chance for employees to work together as a team. A lot of employees are nose-down, doing their job day-to-day, and they don’t have the opportunity to get to know each other on a more social level, so they become connected to each other and their workplace. Workplace Giving Campaigns foster better teamwork and collaboration and bring people closer to their colleagues and company.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this final installment of our series with Ben and Jeff.

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