Amplify Austin “Power Hour”

Amplify Austin is only two days away! What sets this online give-a-thon apart from others is the chance to win incentive prizes from sponsors. 


Hourly prizes: Awarded to nonprofits that raised the most dollars or had the most donors in a single hour on Amplify Austin Day:

$1,000 awarded to nonprofit with the most unique donors every hour during Amplify Austin Day

$1,000 awarded to the nonprofit that raises the most dollars every hour during Amplify Austin Day


Grand prizes: Awarded to a nonprofit on Amplify Austin Day:

$5,000 to nonprofit with most dollars raised in first six hours (6 p.m., March 5 – Midnight, March 6)

$5,000 to nonprofit with most donations from unique donors

$5,000 to nonprofit with most total dollars raised

$5,000 to nonprofit with most individual fundraisers


In attempt to maximize UWATX’s chance to win some of these prizes, we are designating 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on March 5 as the Amplify St. John’s Power Hour! Because St. John’s neighborhood is in the 78752 zip code, we felt this was an appropriate time to raise the most money possible during Amplify Austin.

Unfortunately, if you are scheduling your donation in advance, you cannot select a specific time you would like your donation to go through. However, if you have a spare 5 minutes on March 5 from 7-8, we highly recommend making your donation during this time–and your donation could be AMPLIFIED!

This blog entry is part of our “Amplify St. John’s” series leading up to Amplify Austin Day on March 5-6. Please donate to UWATX on Amplify Austin Day on March 5-6, or schedule your donation now, so that we can continue making St. John’s greater.

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