An update on how we’re responding to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting life as we know it. Join Austin Community Foundation and United Way for Greater Austin to provide critical services, like basic needs, health services, and childcare. Give now. 

Dear Friends,

I hope you and your family have everything you need right now, and that you’re healthy and well.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything our community or world has experienced. It’s disrupting schools and employment and leaving more people in need of support than ever before. It’s also revealing how interconnected we are, and how much we need each other.

For nearly 100 years, United Way for Greater Austin has been dedicated to those in our community who are suffering and creating opportunity for all people, children, and families. The work we’ve been doing all along has prepared us for this moment. Here are some of the things we’ve done just over the past week – things that seemed impossible, but that you made possible:

  • Our 2-1-1 team is responding to increased calls for questions and help around COVID-19, and help in general. The Governor has said that 2-1-1 is THE place to go for information on COVID-19. People need to know where to go for food, information on testing, health services, and so many other needs. 2-1-1 is working around the clock to make sure callers in need are connected to accurate and up-to-date information.
  • We’re working furiously to support child care providers. This ranges from coordinating with child care providers to assess their needs to mobilizing the business community in advocacy efforts to reallocating targeted grant funding to early childhood education partners facing significant disruptions to funding.
  • We’re reevaluating our Census 2020 strategy to get-out-the-count. Many of the in-person events scheduled over the next few months will be transitioned into digital touchpoints, and we’re doing everything possible to make sure everyone is counted, because everyone counts.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. With children out of school, businesses temporarily closing, and many workers out of work, your partnership and support is needed now more than ever. As we respond to this crisis, you can provide fellow community members with critical, immediate needs like emergency assistance, health services, child care, and food.

We’re just getting started. Needs will evolve, and we will be here. We don’t yet know the long-term effects of this pandemic, but we do know that families with low income will be hit the hardest. As we actively assess the evolving needs of our community, we will keep you informed about ways you can help. Together, we can help provide stability today and create long-term solutions for the future, for all.

Please support our response to this historic need here.


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