Any Baby Can – And It Takes A Village

Parenting is hard (said every new parent, ever). It can be hard in the absolute best of circumstances.  There are creeping doubts, fears and obstacles that you could never imagine until you are faced with them. All parents harbor concern about their children’s futures.

The Any Baby Can staff also know that parenting is even harder without the things that many of us take for granted: resources for our children, access to information and education, heating in cold months, stable housing, and food on the table every night. That is why they are proudly committed to their mission of Strengthening Families so Children Succeed.

With a 40–year history in Central Texas, Any Baby Can is a go-to resource for parents and families with unique challenges. From first-time parents, families whose children have developmental or medical needs, Any Baby Can is there to support parents and help them overcome obstacles to set their family up for success. They guide parents in building confidence, nurturing relationships, and planning for the future so their children—and the entire family—can reach their full potential.

Throughout Any Baby Can’s 40 years, they have built up their wrap-around support to make success accessible for families. Caring for their client’s immediate needs is of utmost importance as they ensure families have the resources, time and skills they need to succeed. Through caring for the community, Any Baby Can establishes strong relationships with clients, providing a truly stable force in their lives.

The wraparound services offered by Any Baby Can work to strengthen parents and their children through:

  • In-home therapy for physical, cognitive and emotional development
  • Marriage, family and maternal mental health counseling
  • Home-based parent education, medical case management, and resource navigation
  • Parenting and childbirth classes

United Way is proud to fund Any Baby Can in support of their Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program and Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Program. The PAT and NFP programs provide parents of young children—0-5 for PAT, 0-2 for NFP—with up to two years of case management and activities to increase parental confidence, competence, and responsiveness, leading to greater family stability and appropriate emotional development of the child. The effectiveness of PAT and NFP is supported by numerous studies showing the positive outcomes for children, parents, and the communities they live in.

“We believe strong families are at the core of thriving communities. All parents should feel supported, valued and empowered to ensure their children have the best chance at a bright future.”
-Haila Yates,
Director of Communications

Any Baby Can has been serving as many families possible over the last 40 years, and their results speak to how well they are doing.

They are serving over 3,000 clients each year, and in a recent survey, 100 percent of their clients said they would recommend Any Baby Can to another family. Their clients also show an improvement in their relationships with family, friends and children, as well as their mental health. For this, we are grateful for everything Any Baby Can is doing to help curate a thriving community for all here in Austin, Texas. Their client testimonials give us hope this holiday season that money and time put into our community is making a vast difference in the lives of many.

Want to help Any Baby Can help families? Every family has their moment of need, and the Any Baby Can programs are providing families the stability, skills and confidence to succeed. Help them be there by supporting them. You can find out more about donating your time and money on their website.


Story By: Morgan Messick, Mission Advancement Communications &
Grants Manager

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