Are you a Public Innovator?

Do you have the “ganas” (will) to change the world? Are you an innovative person? Do you have ideas to make our Central Texas community a better place to live? If you answered yes or are intrigued by these questions…keep reading.

As part of our Community Engagement strategies, we are hosting the Public Innovators Lab with nationally recognized thought leader, Rich Harwood from the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation. This is a national training that brings civic leaders together to address root cause issues and is intended for people that want to accelerate change and create authentic hope in their communities. Learn what it takes to re-orient yourself in public life, discover new frameworks for working on current challenges, and network with a growing body of public innovators.

We only have 12 spaces (out of 50) left and they are filling up fast! We already gave away 20 scholarships too!

Public Innovators Lab
Hosted by United Way Capital Area, Hands On Central Texas and the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation
February 6-8, 2007
Cost: $995.00

Sign up today for the Public Innovator Lab!

“If change can happen anywhere in America, it can happen in Central Texas”
-Rich Harwood

In this video, Rich Harwood talks about his impressions of the Central Texas community and our ability to create change and make hope real…

Any Public Innovators out there? Tell us how you want to “create change and make hope real!”

Director, Hands On Central Texas

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