Blog Action Day: Poverty – Green Collar Jobs (8pm)

My wife, Ixchel is my green educator. She finds real ways to connect environmental issues to issues we work on such as poverty. Enclosed is her post for Blog Action Day….

Poverty & the New Green Economy
I’m participating today because I became aware of poverty after moving to the east side of Austin, TX. I come from a third world country – I thought I knew a lot about poverty. One thing I didn’t know is how pervasive it is in these United States. And how easy it is to ignore.

One of the best proposals I’ve currently come across outlines potential solutions to several of the problems our global society is facing – namely social inequity and environmental degredation. Some solutions come from Van Jones and his recent book, The Green Collar Economy; How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems

The idea is to train people in the emerging green market which includes; weatherizing homes, installing solar panels, training hybrid electric technicians, etc. Bringing jobs to sectors of our economy that have been left behind in the move to protect our environment.
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