Blog Action Day: Poverty – JC is a-okay! (7am)

Jimmy Carter that is, and the other one too! I am a fan of Austin Habitat for Humanity. They’ve got a great Re-Store (big props to Fred Cantu Jr.!) and Ixchel, my wife and partner in crime volunteers for them. We fund Habitat too, here’s a profile of the program we fund…

Aside from receiving funding, Austin Habitat for Humanity collaborates with United Way in several ways as we provide them with volunteers year-round, and we also rent part of their warehouse for our Resource Center which houses our Gifts in Kind program.

HomeBuying never got better! (at least with Habitat’s HomeBuyer program)

HomeBuyer Education classes prepare Habitat HomeBuyers for social and financial responsibilities of owning their own homes. Program participants complete 24 units of education ranging from basic financial literacy to budget development. Now that’s a great way to build your resume! –get it, get it! 😉


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