Blog Action Day: Poverty – Let's get it started! (12am)

Hello world! It’s 12am and we’re off on our in our 24 hour “poverty awareness” blogathon. In the next 24 hours, we’ll be discussing poverty in Austin and Central Texas. We’ll be posting every hour on the hour, setting the facts straight, debunking some myths (about how people fall into poverty), what everyday folks like you and I can do to help, share some successes we’ve had at United Way and hopefully, motivate all kinds of people to be involved and take action on the issue.

In the next 24 hours you’ll hear from Councilmembers Mike Martinez & Cheryl Cole, young leaders doing their part in alleviating poverty, youth dealing with it on a daily basis y mas! So let’s start the conversation, blog with us, post your comments and tell us how you are taking action!

Director, Hands On Central Texas

One thought on “Blog Action Day: Poverty – Let's get it started! (12am)

  1. Let’s get started, indeed. I hope this awareness will get the conversation started because solutions begin with dialogue.

    See you in an hour…maybe.


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