Blog Action Day: Poverty – Passages to Independence (3am)

So earlier I mentioned that I would highlight some of our funded programs and collaborations; here’s the 1st one.

The Passages Program

What is it?

A collaboration of 7 agencies (Salvation Army, Caritas, Foundation for the Homeless, Lifeworks, Family Connections, Foundation Communities, and SafePlace) where case managers link homeless participants to…

  • permanent housing,
  • stable income,
  • counseling,
  • life skills, &
  • direct financial assistance.

What does it do?

The program addresses a range of services including: housing, workforce, emergency financial assistance, credit repair, and debt reduction. By funding this program we hope to provide a broad array of services, that help people with their immediate needs and also creates a pathway to towards stability.

Later today I have a real life success story to share from this program, that really made a difference in one family’s life. So stay tuned!


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