Blog Action Day: Poverty – Poverty is here in our Community! (1am)

Poverty. It is here, not only in the “places you’d expect” but all over Austin & Central Texas. It’s widespread and people just don’t seem to talk about it, kinda like a social taboo. So let’s get it out in the open…starting with the poverty level. Did you know that last year, (according to the US Census) about 15% of people in Travis County lived in poverty. That’s 1 out of 7 people in our community!

And get this, it has become worse in the last 7 years; we’ve actually seen an increase in families in poverty by more than 20%. Now the question I have is, “do most of us know that this is going on?” I don’t know? I think poverty in our community is hidden or people just don’t want to take responsibility for the problems related to poverty. I also think that we live in isolation and its easy for us to “not be exposed” to poverty. So what is it? I think it’s all of it. Please send me your thoughts. Post us a comment.


2 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Poverty – Poverty is here in our Community! (1am)

  1. Most people like to think of poverty as being in “other” countries, surely not in the US. Poverty can be seen in Austin when people actually look without blinders.

  2. That's what we're trying to do. Remove the blinders. Education and engage people in the conversation & getting them to take action! Thanks for your comment.


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