Blog Action Day: Poverty – Sleeping is so overrated! (630am)

Yeah, it is. So it’s 6:30am and my butt is numb. my stomach probably has 2 gallons of coffee. I’m cold, no I’m hot, no I’m cold. Overall though, i’m doing pretty good. It’s been busier than I thought so time kinda went somewhat fast. I did have some hiccups – lost internet access at my house (yes, in the Eastside) and almost ran out of juice on my computer. Good thing for 24 hour diners (yaya Stars Seeds!)!

Okay, just (how many?) hours till 12midnight? I’m okay, I’m okay. See the pic? Looks good right?

See you in 30!

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Poverty – Sleeping is so overrated! (630am)

  1. Hang in there Mando and thanks for doing this. I will check on you throughout the day and see how you are doing.

    Mike M

  2. Go, Mando, Go! We’re all cheering for you.
    You’re posts are great! It is so important that the community is informed.

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