Burners Without Borders at our Spring Day of Caring

A big thanks to Patrick and his crew for sending us this update on their volunteer project!

Many thanks to all who attended the second in our daycare assistance project!! Burners Without Borders is making a huge difference in safety and appearance on this site and we can all feel a sense of pride in knowing it was our sweat (and blood) that is bringing about this change. You are being the change you wish to see in the world and I appreciate your effort. It was an awesome turnout during one of the busiest times of our Flipside calendar. I know how precious time can be to us right now.

We got lots accomplished! That pesky metal slide finally met its match.

Unfortunately, when we got on-site, there was a traffic jam in the sandbox.

But a fresh coat of paint and some safer screening made all the difference.

We really shaped up the grounds as well, providing a safer environment for the kiddies.

And, last but not least, that bunker…


Halfway done with it!!!

We also had some really awesome BBQ, featuring the best batch of chopped brisket sandwiches I have ever made (YUM).

So, we will also need one more work day to finish off this project. It will be fairly soon after Flipside, so stay tuned!


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