Capital IDEA, Focus Area: Financial Stability

We recently paid a visit Capital IDEA, one of the new programs under our Financial Stability focus area. Everyone from United Way who participated in the visit agreed that they are making impressive changes in some Central Texans’ lives. The results of Capital IDEA’s work are clearly demonstrable in this chart that shows the quarterly earnings trajectories of 321 program participants:

Brian Hennigton was an experienced IT worker but due to the industry’s downward turn he was laid off five times! As the jobs became less plentiful, Brian knew he would have to get a better education in order to compete. And as a single father of three, this goal was even more important. But how would he go back to school, take care of his family, and pay the bills?

That’s when he heard about Capital IDEA. “Capital IDEA paid for my tuition and books, which was great. But what was really helpful was that they helped with childcare,” explains Brian. With this support, he graduated from ACC with an Associate of Science in 2005. But he didn’t stop there. He went back and got his A +/Network + Certifications in March 2006. This exceptional education gave Brian the edge he needed; he now works at Seton Healthcare as an IT Systems Analyst.

“I’m now making 50% more than before I started at Capital IDEA,” Brian says. But this isn’t what he’s most proud of. “My kids are proud of me,” he beams.

Capital IDEA gave Brian the support he needed to change his life and the lives of his children. He now makes an excellent salary, has good benefits, and has a career he loves. More importantly, he has created a future for his children who will no doubt follow their dad’s lead in pursuing an education.

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