5 Ways to Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month — a time to acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of the AAPI community. Looking for opportunities to celebrate? Here are 5 ways to learn more about the richness of and diversity in AAPI culture, amplify AAPI voices, and support our AAPI neighbors. 

1. View one of the many virtual galleries offered by Austin’s Asian American Resource Center 

The Asian American Resource Center’s (AARC) vision is to empower Austin’s diverse communities through cultural understanding and life-enhancing opportunities. While they’re currently closed to the public, the AARC is offering digital programming including an opportunity to view numerous beautifully inspiring virtual galleries of artwork by local AAPI artists. Check it out > 

2. Watch “Asian Americans” and explore 150 years of Asian American history

This must-see, five-part documentary series chronicles the history and accomplishments of Asian Americans over the past 150 years, while highlighting the role the community has played in shaping America as we know it. Watch for free on PBS >

3. Support local, Asian-owned businesses

The Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce is encouraging the community to support our AAPI neighbors through patronizing Asian-owned businesses. For many, these businesses serve as community gathering spaces and cultural hubs. Check out this list of local Asian-owned businesses to visit >

4. Check out Leadership Austin’s Engage Series – Asian Representation: Quality of Life in Central Texas

The AAPI community is one of the fastest growing in Austin. Join Leadership Austin as they host a panel discussion covering AAPI cultural awareness, representation, myths that all Asian Americans are flourishing and strategies to dismantle harmful stereotypes. Watch it here >

5. Donate to a local nonprofit that supports the Greater Austin AAPI community

Directly support our AAPI neighbors by making a donation to one of these three nonprofits that are doing incredible work in the Greater Austin community:  

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