Celebrating Kerbey Lane Cafe

Kerbey Lane Cafe just wrapped up their fourth employee giving campaign and, thanks to their incredible team, it was huge success. Between their seven store locations, Kerbey team members donated over $37,000 to UWATX.

Kerbey team members also volunteered over 650 hours giving back to the community. In addition to volunteer activities staff members, Rose Ann, Amanda and Karli, also committed months of work preparing, planning and helping to execute the first annual Ruthless Good event. Kerbey Lane volunteers are always the last to leave a project and can always be counted on to do the dirty work! If we need help, we know that we can count on Kerbey Lane to show up, never stop moving and stay until the place is cleaner than we found it. Kerbey attracts creative and passionate employees and it has been a great asset to have them in on the planning stages of major events, or to give them a paintbrush and see what they can do with a playground.

Volunteers from Kerbey Lane Café can be counted on to participate in every Day of Caring that we host.  They often work on a variety of projects that support health and access to food, along with projects that support the early childhood development centers that they are so passionate about. Each Kerbey Lane location is paired with a local child development center and organizes projects to support the children and teachers at their designated center throughout the year. Over the last four years, Kerbey Lane volunteers have joined students from Webb Middle School to serve green pancakes on St. Patrick’s Day at Ronald McDonald House.

Kerbey Lane Café is not just an Austin original known for the delicious pancakes and queso, but for their commitment to give back and make a difference in our community. Come celebrate their birthday on May 5th and get an exclusive delicious Birthday Pancake (our favorite!). All proceeds from the day will benefit UWATX.

Thank you Kerbey Lane Cafe for all you do for Austin. And Happy Birthday!