Celebrating the 2007 State Farm Loaned Executive

Business is built on relationships. A company’s success is directly related to its people. These are just two reasons why a company might flinch at the thought of loaning their very best talent out to the community.

Yet State Farm, a company that puts great emphasis on its people, does just that. They select among their top talent and send them to join United Way staff in raising much needed resources for the community. It is a national program, with State Farm Loaned Executives joining local United Way’s in nearly every community all across the nation each autumn. Loaned Executives gain exposure to community needs and solutions, key business and social leaders, public speaking, and the opportunity to participate in critical work that affects the lives of those in our community. Loaned Executives sharpen different skill sets in a new environment, and in the process gain a new perspective on community and leadership. They leave behind a lasting impact on United Way and the community.

Tracy Dove, PHR, the 2007 State Farm Loaned Executive, was an incredible gift to United Way and to our community. Tracy has been with State Farm for six years, and has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources. Reaching out to local market leaders, working with dozens of volunteers and speaking to numerous organizations, Tracy helped to deepen relationships and raise many thousands of dollars to address root causes of our community’s most pressing issues. In addition, Tracy used his Human Resources expertise to help United Way evaluate and enhance our ability to cultivate and retain talented people, which will create increased value far beyond Tracy’s last day at United Way. Tracy’s level of professionalism and leadership will have a deep and lasting impact on our community.

Thank you, Tracy for your commitment, leadership and service. Thank you State Farm, for sharing your most valued resource so generously.

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