Challenge: stump our data

Just a few weeks ago, we released the 2013 Community Needs and Trends report for our community – and right away, nonprofits  throughout Greater Austin asked for a deeper dive into key elements of this treasure trove of data, including diapers and food needs. We also saw data released from other organizations that reinforced our findings.

Here are the big answers, insights & details that came out of it all: 

1. Both adult and child diapers are a key need in Greater Austin

2. Data consistently show women are the majority of those looking for help

3. Food needs vary seasonally but continue growing

Capital Area Food Bank aggregated our data to show the growing food needs over the past few years and asked us to look into the effects of cuts to SNAP benefits in November. 


The more than 350K calls we answer each year allow us to keep a pulse on what our community truly needs. Now, we challenge you: put our data & our data nerds to the test. What do you want to know about the needs in our community? 

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