Community Organizing Gaining New Cachet

Interest in careers in community organizing is surging among college students and recent graduates, The New York Times reports.

Educators and organizers say that while such jobs were once viewed as a low-paying destination for political radicals, they have now gained cachet as a vehicle to do good works, develop leadership skills, and emulate President Obama, who has written and spoken extensively about his community work.

Hands On Central Texas is the community engagement arm of United Way Capital Area, and has recently enjoyed a surge in interest from folks wanting to organize and get involved in community solutions. Our Spring Day of Caring is on April 24, starting at 9am. It’s a great place to volunteer and help out in your community.

We will start the day with United Way Days of Caring Kickoff (with guest speakers Mayoral candidates Brewster McCracken & Lee Leffingwell) where volunteers will learn about the impact they are making in the community and have an opportunity to eat some breakfast, meet other volunteers and guest speakers and check-in for their projects. United Way Days of Caring volunteers must check-in starting at 8:30 am for their projects at the Kickoff prior to volunteering at their projects.

Find out how you can get involved, be a part of the solution.

2 thoughts on “Community Organizing Gaining New Cachet

  1. I hope y’all invited former mayor Carole Strayhorn to speak also — she’s always been a great supporter of non-profits and volunteers!

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