Compassion 2020

“About a year ago – looking towards the election season – I wondered if a campaign for something positive and unifying, designed to remind us of our shared humanity, might be welcome.” – Karen Gross, Founder & CEO of Citizen Discourse

Compassion won’t be on your ballot this election season, so what is Compassion 2020? It’s a movement all about reimagining a more just, compassionate, and anti-racist society. Created by Citizen Discourse, Compassion 2020 calls upon all of us to do these seven things:
1. Be respectful
2. Listen to understand
3. Act with good intentions
4. Support ideas with evidence and experience
5. Disagree without being disagreeable
6. Critique the idea, not the person
7. Invite wonder

Our world feels more divided than ever. Many people are exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely, angry, sad, hurt, or some combination of all of those things. But there’s so much more that connects us than divides us. Compassion 2020’s goal is to turn the tide — to inject more passion, awareness, and understanding into our lives. To connect us through our shared humanity.

“Compassion is empathy + action.” – Karen Gross, Founder & CEO of Citizen Discourse

Will you join us and endorse Compassion 2020? It’s quick and easy:

1. Sign the Compassion 2020 contract here.

2. There’s nothing better to activate compassion than volunteering! That’s where United Way ATX comes in. After you sign the compassion contract, you’ll be directed to our volunteer website to sign up for a virtual or socially distanced volunteer opportunity in our community.

3. Share your story and invite friends to this movement. On social, tell the world what compassion means to you and how you practice it. And invite 5 friends to sign the Compassion 2020 contract!

Together, we can create a more compassionate community and world. Let’s do this.

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