Connecting our neighbors to food, vaccines, transportation, and more through ConnectATX

ConnectATX is a complement to our 2-1-1 helpline that offers people in Travis County more holistic support. While 2-1-1 has the capacity to provide service to thousands of people every week, ConnectATX goes deeper with callers and online users to proactively and holistically address many needs. Help through ConnectATX is available online and via phone, text, email, and chat.

Here at United Way for Greater Austin, we believe that everyone should be able to meet their basic needs. That’s why we run programs like ConnectATX, which connects people to help for food, vaccines, transportation, and more. From July 2020-June 2021, ConnectATX responded to 2,162 requests for help.

When a person reaches out for help through ConnectATX, they are connected with a passionate, kind person like Cecilia Torre.

Latina woman with long brown hair smiling with backdrop of the Austin skyline
Cecilia Torre is the ConnectATX Navigation Manager at United Way for Greater Austin.

It’s really nice to have a 2-way conversation with a client where we can listen to them, prioritize their needs, and do our best to help meet those needs.

– Cecilia Torre 

One of the biggest needs that Cecilia has seen in our community is access to transportation. In fact, over the past year ConnectATX scheduled 1,642 free Lyft rides for individuals seeking rides to medical appointments, job interviews, job training, and college classes. 

One woman looking for transportation to a critical dialysis appointment sticks out in Cecilia’s mind. 



This is just one of thousands of stories of community members having their needs met through ConnectATX. And YOU can make more of them happen.

When you make a gift this holiday season, you are helping us continue to be able to answer the call for help. We believe you can make a difference. Donate today!

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