Deloitte makes over Crockett High for IMPACT Day

On Friday, June 8, Deloitte professionals came together for IMPACT Day- a volunteer day where local employees revamped courtyards, common areas, and classrooms of Crockett High School.

Before volunteers got down and dirty with various projects, they were greeted with an early morning pep rally to remind them why their volunteer work is so important, introduce them to the school  they were “impacting”, and provide a hearty breakfast to start the day.

As projects began at 10 a.m., volunteers were assigned to different areas and set out to perform their duties. Some of these projects included:

  • Building new bookshelves for students to house their achievements
  • Sanding and painting the doors to improve the building’s appearance
  • Landscaping the courtyard with flowers and grass
  • Cleaning out the classrooms for the 2012-13 school year

While volunteers worked on the outside beautification projects, additional Deloitte professionals taught no-cost workshops to local nonprofit employees on business counsel, leadership development and financial guidance, allowing these business professionals to gain important hands-on material.

United Way for Greater Austin also managed additional volunteer projects for employees on campus, including downloading and preparing the new Samsung tablets with applications for the upcoming fall semester of Play To Learn.

The Play To Learn project is an opportunity for parents and their children to learn together about school readiness at accessible neighborhood locations.  The course incorporates Samsung Galaxy tablets pre-loaded with children’s educational apps to continue the learning process outside class. One-hundred and fifty tablets were loaded by Deloitte on Friday and are ready for eager parents and children come fall.

Deloitte started IMPACT Day in 1999 as an effort to dedicate a full work-day of service tailored to local community needs. Over the past 12 years, IMPACT Day has expanded to include skills-based workshops to engage and aid in the survival of nonprofit organizations. These workshops have also been beneficial to individuals who need basic training and preparation for entering the workforce. 2012 marks the third year UWATX was chosen to partner with Deloitte in offering IMPACT Day projects that are meaningful to both its employees and the community. Being given the opportunity to partner with Deloitte on IMPACT Day is a special honor for UWATX.

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