Elderhaven Adult Day Care

Today, we visited Austin Groups for the Elderly’s Elderhaven Adult Day Care, the only licensed medical-model adult day care program in Travis County. Elderhaven is one of our newly funded programs, and the impact they are making on the quality of so many seniors’ lives is impressive.

Many varied activities are planned throughout the day for the participants, and everyone is monitored closely by the activity director. They related to us one recent heartwarming example of a lady whose quality of life was improved remarkably—she was believed to be catatonic and unable to feed herself, but through persistent instruction from the activity director, she “learned” how to eat again after having grown completely sedentary in her apartment, and was even up and dancing after several days of participation in the program.

We were delighted to learn that Elderhaven Adult Day Care Center was recently featured in the news, by Andrea Ball at the Austin American Statesman:

Staffers make a concerted effort to help newbies feel welcome. They introduce the newcomer to the whole group, reminding everyone how hard it is to be in a strange environment. Say hi to our new friend, staffers say. Make her feel comfortable.

And, also on this morning’s Fox News, a great introduction to their work.

What was also very impressive about Elderhaven’s work is the number of other non-profit programs in the area that benefit from them, taking advantage of the community space and medical equipment they have on hand. Austin Groups for the Elderly provides meeting space, medical equipment, health and human service counseling for walk-in participants and a senior community computer lab where someone who has never used a computer can go to learn even the most basic computer skills.

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