Electronic Arts Gives Back Big

If you walked past our office on East MLK on May 23rd and heard “EA!” cheers, no need to be alarmed. That was just 300 amazing Electronic Arts (EA) employees working hard to make our campus and neighborhood beautiful.

On May 23, more than 300 volunteers from Electronic Arts spread out across the Austin community at five volunteer spots completing more than 10 projects that had a BIG impact.

As a part of their 2019 #EAGivesBack Day, EA employees partnered with United Way ATX to fight poverty through meaningful volunteer action. From building early childhood classroom kits to beautifying our Eastside neighborhood, EA employees brought energy and enthusiasm to every part of the volunteer day.

“At EA, we give back because we have the wonderful opportunity to operate in 47 offices are 25 countries in the world. We can all get caught up in our day-to-day jobs of making games, but there is an entire population of people who surround us in these vibrant communities in which we operate for us to give back to,” Mala Singh, Chief People Officer at Electronic Arts, said. “Our gamers and their families give so much to us and it is important to give back to them in the ways that we can.”

Mic drop.

As an organization, EA is committed to giving back to their local communities all over the world and helping them thrive. And it’s mega inspiring.

“We are so grateful for what [they have done]. Thank you so much,” David C. Smith, Chief Executive Officer at United Way ATX said. “We all reach our highest potential as human beings when we take care of each other and [EA employees] exhibited that beautifully.”

1. Alamo Community Garden

Volunteers pruned weeds, trimmed vines and worked together to ensure that the garden plot was in great shape for the next growing season.

2. Born Learning Trail

EA employees swept and cleaned the pathway, restoring the trail to its former glory with a fresh coat of paint and a whole lot of love and enthusiasm.

3. Butter Half Mural

Volunteers scrubbed the mural, touched up the paint and, with the expertise of JE Dunn employees, built an awesome deck that every mural visitor can enjoy!

“Our culture of giving back is about bringing the community together inside of EA to connect with the community outside of EA,” Singh said. “I am proud to work for a company whose people are so passionate about giving back.”

Is your business in the business of doing good? Looking for volunteer opportunities for you and your team? We’ve got what you need.

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