Flextronics Foundation doubles its support for United Way’s youth work

Last week, Flextronics awarded United Way for Greater Austin a $10,000 grant to fund Middle School Matters (MSM), a youth initiative to create a system of broad-spectrum services to change the trajectory of three high-need middle schools in Austin.


As Flextronics continues to be a business philanthropist in support of United Way and our efforts to aid in the success of students, this grant will specifically fund the coordination of a wide array of evidence-based services, including behavioral health, case management, mentoring, tutoring, out-of-school time and parent education.

“Education is a primary funding initiative at Flextronics as it has a significant, residual impact on our communities, both locally and worldwide,” said Thomas Ezrin, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at Flextronics. “Flextronics is proud to support the United Way’s Middle School Matters initiative that provides services and educational support to students at high-need middle schools in Austin.”

In the 2011 – 2012 school year, the same year the program launched, MSM provided coordination that made over 1,600 student-focused interventions possible.

“Without strategic funding from companies like Flextronics, Middle School Matters wouldn’t exist. We are very fortunate to have partners that invest for long-term change; by helping with United Way for Greater Austin’s youth work, these partners can see and measure the impact they’re making in our community,” said Laura LaFuente, Director of Target Graduation, United Way’s youth program.

In 2010, Flextronics awarded United Way a $5,000 grant to support United Way’s Youth Program Quality Initiative – a comprehensive continuous quality improvement system for out-of-school time programs. Thanks to the company’s support, United Way was able to improve the quality of a large number of these programs in the Central Texas region.

Flextronics is an electronics manufacturing services company based in Singapore. They have facilities all around the United States, including Austin.

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